summer reading

As promised, the month of June was spent reading textbooks & half-hearted wading through Great Expectations.

Um, about Moby Dick... never made it past the first 4 chapters. I wonder if my reading partner had any better luck??

In July, I buckled down & actually read Great Expectations. Good grief, those poor freshman students. I do think if I had picked up the novel on my own, I would have enjoyed it substantially more.

My book for August was a novel called The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. The description sounded intriguing - it's based on Genesis 34, which is the rape of Dinah. Diamant decided to approach the story from Dinah's perspective. Interesting enough idea, but I haven't decided whether I liked it or not. It clearly contradicts scripture on multiple occasions, but I don't think Diamant meant to undermine scripture. From what I have read about her, I believe she is Jewish with what appear to be feminist tendencies; hence, her desire to give women in the early Old Testament a voice.

ANYWAY. Boring entry!

I had my new teacher orientation on Friday, and in-service starts tomorrow morning, so my summer is almost over. We do have one more get-away planned for Labor Day weekend, but after that, another school year arrives and another summer passes.


  1. yeah for new school years! Granted my new school year started on July 7, but still... new school year, yeah!

    I hope your year starts off great! Best of luck with everything, keep me posted... (or I guess I can just keep reading your blog, whatever works).


  2. Your reading partner made it to chapter 10...and then wanted to poke her eyes out. :)

  3. hope the school year goes well!
    it has to be better than vista. . .

  4. Sympathies. Dickens. Blech. My senior seminar class/thesis in college was Dickens. We read 800-1000 pages of Dickens a week for 8wks. I thought I would die. I guess when you're getting paid for each soap opera installment and you have a mistress and 100 kids to feed, you just keep writing and writing and writing...

    Now Moby Dick and The Red Tent--I liked those!

    Congrats on your new job! Love the haircut!