our apartment

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of the apartment, and you can thank Charles Dickens for that. My head was getting ready to explode, and I think lesson plans are leaking out of my ears; so I decided to take a break and my camera was conveniently located.

People - a warning - I didn't clean up for this photo shoot. This is what I like to call "Mill House Mid-Week" - that wonderful time when you're caught up in the week's events and know that no one is coming over, so you just leave things laying around. At least that's what I do. Anyway, here are the pictures I took. An abbreviated tour of Mill House.

Part of our living room. Please notice sewing materials lying on the floor...

Kitchen, as seen from living room. 

Cute little laundry room.

Our bathroom, looking much darker and weird than it actually is. My apologies for the open toilet...

Part of the office. 

I just realized I didn't take a picture of our bedroom, but I've been sorting laundry in there and the bed isn't made. Please - I'm not THAT shameless. But getting there, with every Great Expectations lesson plan I do...

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  1. a laundry room in an apartment?! score. my mid-week house could put your mid-week house to shame.