the essence of summer

One of my favorite parts about summer is YARD SALES! Or, more common around here - the suburban garage sale. There is something about looking through other people's stuff & never knowing where little treasures may be that makes something inside me leap with excitement.

This summer I have only gone to 3 garage sales and 1 yard sale. The 3 garage sales were uninspiring, but the yard sale was awesome. I went with my friends Ellie & Sara to Ann Arbor to visit an enormous & awesome Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and we stopped at the yard sale on our way home. I only purchased 1 item, but I could have easily nabbed quite a few more things if I wasn't worried about what my husband's reaction would be...

That adorable little blue pitcher & basin?? A whopping $1.50.
Oh, and I picked up cute vase at a consignment shop for a pricey $3.00.

I also picked up a couple things at the ReStore in hopes of accomplishing a couple projects in the near future. Doug & I don't have a bed frame, so I want to make a faux headboard. Sara - who is completely innovative in home furnishing - suggested that I use an old door for that purpose. After browsing the multitudes of old antique doors, I settled on this one, which put me back $10:

As I'm thinking about the school year approaching, I'm hoping to have this project done by the end of September, but realistically, let's just say I'll try to get it done before Christmas!

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