college couple reunion

This past weekend, Doug & I drove with our friends Kress & Debbie to visit our friends Steve & Heather. The 3 boys lived together their senior year of college, and Debbie, Heather and I lived together their senior year of college - my sophomore year.

We haven't been able to see Steve & Heather very often since their return from Africa, but whenever we do see them, it's always a fun time. We're so glad we were able to see their cute new home!

It was pretty much boys hanging out with boys and girls hanging out with girls the whole weekend...


Also typical.

Saturday we girls hit up the beach...

Did a little modeling, naturally...

Climbed some trees...

And of course, had a dance party.

Complete with tunes that Heather and Steve bought in Africa.

Love these girls!!

What a bunch...

This pretty much sums up our friendship...

Love this picture, even though all the boys look a little suspicious.

Castles, Partons & Towleys - can't wait for the next reunion!! 


  1. cute pics. looks like a fun little reunion. ok, i'm jealous now. let's plan our reunions...yes, plural. i'm thinking let's start planning our next spring break. seriously. of course i'm not implying that we won't be reunited until next spring though. sick. see you soon ;) love u.

  2. Looks like fun! I likes me a good dance party!