best purchase of my life

So I bought this super cute shirt from J. Crew (with a gift card, let's be serious). I didn't even try it on - I was THAT confident. The shirt fits perfectly and it's SO CUTE, but it totally makes me look pregnant. And before anyone gets any ideas or starts any ridiculous rumors, let me nip that in the bud - I am NOT pregnant. 



Sidenote: holy long neck!

With child:

Despite this shirt's tendencies to make me look like I'm entering my second trimester, I have gotten several compliments on it. There have been the typical "Cute shirt!" comments from female co-workers, but there have also been some unusual encounters. 

This morning at work, I went to the bathroom, as I sometimes do, and while I was drying my hands, a teenage girl who was cleaning the sinks turned to me and commented quietly and rather bashfully, "You look pretty." I replied, "Oh - thank you!" 

Then, 2 weeks ago, I was walking home from work in 85+ temperatures, and I got honked at! By a middle-aged man in a truck. I was like, "Seriously? I'm wearing khaki pants, sweating profusely and practically pregnant."

Anyway, all that to say - ladies, bust out the babydoll shirts. Popular among teenage girls and businessmen alike!


  1. a-dorable. we're going to see john mayer in a couple weeks...i need to look up your blog to figure out what i should wear....

  2. Love it! It is adorable...and bonus...you can wear it when you do get pregnant. Oh, J.Crew...versatility for only $85.