i like to blame it on the blue eyes

Dear Internet,
Alright... I admit it.
I have a problem with taking pictures in sunlight.

Seriously - gorgeous picture of Victoria. Who's the freak next to her, though?!

And it always seems that this... abnormality surfaces at the most inopportune times. Take, for instance, the day I'd want to look better than ever...


Trust me, Internet, there are more where these came from - I just don't have time to search through all the various folders on our C: drive.
Even my senior pictures were a bit squinty. When Tom Smith got out that huge golden reflector thing (I'm sure I just made some photographer cringe with my terminology), it was downhill. Tom is a fantastic photographer - he just didn't know what he was up against.

I wish I could say that this is a recent development and, therefore, temporary. Unfortunately, my record would prove otherwise...

High school: Late junior year/early senior year. You know you can see the squint.

First day of junior year.

8th grade.

If I had earlier pictures of myself on the computer, I'd have more material. Just take my word on this one.


  1. I have the same smile in every picture that has ever been taken of me. THE. EXACT. SAME. SMILE. People comment on it all the time.

    I've learned to give the same answer: at least I'm smiling and I'm guaranteed to look good. Because, heck, I have a nice smile.

    Thanks for coming over to my place. I'd be happy to throw you onto my blogroll if you like.

    Drop me a line.


  2. Rachel! I have the exact same problem. The eye doctor hates me b/c my eyes are so sensitive. My eyes become squints when I even think of sunlight and also when I smile. I do think it is the blue eyes...

  3. HA!!!! I LOVE the one wedding one. You fool! I can't stop laughing. I'm sorry. I'm laughing with you...

  4. i like your new header. very pretty. and again, this squinty post is very amusing. i think i've looked at it 20 times today. right up there with watching the lincoln video a million times b/c he sounds soooo cute when he whispers "birthday."

  5. Just found your blog while browsing...at least your skinny and cute and squinty and not morbidly obese and squinty. I think it's cute.

  6. haaa! this is amazing...the wedding photos & all. mand has the same problem [she has blue eyes]. i would say it must be the blue eyes, but i have blue eyes too. and also justin has the problem & he has brown eyes...now i want to post his creepy pics. ha!

  7. Please don't blame the sun on your rampant drinking problem...let's lay blame where it's due..mmkay?

    I think you're cute. :)

  8. as mar stated, i have this problem-o too!! i was called mandy-one-eye when i was little because i squinted so much. i believe there is even a picture of me on the toilet, squinting (cuz bathrooms are so bright?? why my mom took pics of me on the toilet is a whole another subject to blog about). and i always feel so dumb wearing sunglasses on cloudy days, but i really do need them.

    squinty-eye pics are very amusing to look at though. glad you posted them. and mar should post justin's...i got a good laugh looking at his.