the catcher's stance

I’ve been promising my husband for quite some time that I would publicly embarrass him (yet again) by posting a blog about his unique approach to playing video games.

Now, if you know Doug, you know that he’s a pretty intellectual, mature guy. However, give him a controller and some old-school Mario games, and he reverts back to the days of his youth. Doug has been known to get pretty intense during various rounds of Mario Kart, Bond, Mario Tennis – whatever game he’s currently playing.

As a result of this intense involvement in the game, it is impossible for Doug to play a video game and remain in your standard, sitting position, demonstrated below.

In high school, Doug played baseball and was, for some time, a catcher. Apparently this technique worked so well for him during game time, that he’s adopted it for playing video games as well. I give you Doug and the Catcher’s Stance:

I'd better get him some knee pads...

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  1. That's totally the "if I lose I'm going to lunge at the television" pose. If he starts bouncing, protect the TV! Next thing you'll know he'll be in mid-flight.