fun in the sun, pt. 3

When we last left off, our protagonists were enjoying the sunshine at Kelly Park on a glorious Thursday afternoon, drifting down a lazy river in inner tubes...

Afterward, we cleaned up, took some pictures, and then headed to downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney. Bannister Babes: brains, brawn & beauty.
You doubted the brawn aspect??

Friday - our last full day in Florida - started off a little less warm than usual, and slightly cloudy...

The boys got their surf on... sort of.

As the day wore on, the temperatures rose quickly & it was yet another delightful day at the beach!

That night, the boys surprised Victoria & me with a romantic little dinner on the beach.

I adore this picture.

Appropriately for our last night, there was a gorgeous sunset.

And this concludes our trip to Florida!


  1. great post! i really like that one pic of us gathering shells :) also, i like the one of me and jer! we had such a great time with you guys...here's to next time...only (approximately) 725 days away :)

  2. Gorgeous pics. Florida looks like the place to be. The hell with Korea.

  3. beautiful!! I love your pictures. We are moving on the weekend of May 17. (and I can't wait!) I can't believe how close we will be.

  4. Beach! Looks like you had a grand ole time, Rachel.

    Nice pictures! I love the one of two girls at the beach, one in yellow, the other folded over to do something to the sand. Also, the piggy back photo. Everyone looks so happy, it's nice to see. :)

  5. prepare yourself - a numbered comment coming right up [yesss]:
    1. great, great pictures!
    2. you guys are the cutest, the whole four of you.
    3. i believe there's a lady w/ a belly-shower trying to sneak a pic
    4. i would like some warm weather. it was chilly in ireland & we brought it home with us.
    5. itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini = amazing!!! you are hott!
    6. great pic of v & jer, even though it looks like jer has a braid and i CAN"T stop laughing about that.
    7. glad you had a good time.
    8. the celeb is posted!
    9. xo.

  6. i know this comment is like 20 years late, but i never have to time to even read blogs anymore (let alone update mine). sniffle.

    i just read marla's comment about jer's braid and just about spit out my tea when i went and re-looked (is that a word?) at the picture. way too funny to think that's his braid.

    i would like to note that both you & v took a turn doing the "squat"...same exact way linc prefers to poop. just thought i'd share.