give it a rest

Subject of annoyance: this pouty-lipped tight smile that is all the rage among celebs.

Thanks to the Olsen twins and Maggie Gyllenhaal, we may never see teeth in Hollywood again.

(sidenote: does anyone else think Manda looks kind of like her - with the exception that Manda knows how to smile?)

Seriously - stop with the half-smile, "we're-politely-tolerating-your-photographs-and-adoration" smirk. I don't know if these actresses think it's flattering, or if they're just hiding years of poor orthodontic work... whatever it is - it must stop.


  1. Quote of the day: "Seriously - stop with the half-smile, "we're-politely-tolerating-your-photographs-and-adoration" smirk." Brilliantly written.

    I always thought that someone needs to smack the spoil child out of the Olsen Twins. Don't even get me started.

  2. um, me manda? or another manda?

    and i hate smiles like this. i am always telling mike to smile with his teeth. (i know that doesn't really make sense, teeth smiling , but he knows what i mean...as does anyone else reading this comment, so hush).