out of office response

I found this scrawled on one of my legal pads at work. I wrote it during one of our meetings about a month ago.

Meeting Minutes
sweet candy scents
wafting through the room,
useless employee laments
indicate such gloom.
lunch is creeping nearer
with each tick of the clock.
now i can scarcely hear her
over my stomach's knock.
all day i dream of leaving -
i can't wait until it's five.
so excited, heart heaving
i hit the door alive,
ready to escape the drone
of my computer screen,
fleeing from my phone
onto the next scene.
i can't do this every day -
desk, computer, chair.
i've got to get away
before i pull out all my hair.

That being said, I am outta here!

Sunshine, warm sand, blue skies, flip flops, bare legs, painted toenails, ocean waves - Florida, here I come!


  1. I'm almost very jealous.

    Have fun!

  2. i'm with ya! and not in a "wish i could too" way, but literally I AM THERE WITH YOU!!!!!

  3. have fun you crazy rascals! xo.

  4. did you leave your out of office for the week email to "everybody"? i forgot. . .

  5. I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I am thinking of you as I sit at work.... get some sun for me!