how will my garden grow?

Tonight I planted the first seeds in what will hopefully be a mini garden. I don't have great ambitions for this garden, as we don't have much space, and I'm not even sure our landlady would smile on this endeavor. But she can't complain about a few chives, right?

Any suggestions for other easy things to plant & care for?
Don't even suggest tomatoes - I hate them.

I'm also growing some chives inside. I bought an adorable little planter at Target in the $1 section! It will need to be replanted when it gets bigger, but for now it works. I've been wanting to grow some cooking plants indoors for quite some time, so I figured, no better time than now!


  1. Girlfriend, you garden in some cute earrings! :)

  2. Oh, and if you'd ever seen my "garden," you'd know why I don't have any advice for you. Squash is EASY and I've never messed them up; that's my only success story.

  3. I saw that in the dollar section at Target. I also have my eye on a $10 herb garden at Target.

    If I had more time in the summer for a real garden, I'd grow red peppers. I use them in about 75% of my recipes and they are outrageously expensive to buy (although they're only $1 each at Kroger this week)!

  4. Hello my friend!
    My garden advice is containers! I've noticed that you have a cute little patio and having a few pots on there will make gardening really easy and pretty. Veggies, herbs or flowers work well and then they are right close when you need them. Also, in the fall you can pull them inside to keep growing. If space is the issue you can get ones that latch onto your railings. Hope you are having a totally tubular day! Call me soon. Love, Ariel!!

  5. Rosemary's delicious and easy to grow!

  6. I admire you for gardening! :) I tried to grow chives in a pot, in my window in the kitchen last year. I got a bunch of tiny blades, the tallest about 3.5" tall but no blossoms, etc and then it died. :P I hope you have much success w/your chives because fresh chives are so yummy! Happy Love Thursday

  7. this comment will be random, but I did get some feedback from folks that did not like my use of the word "banjo"

    I promise the moonshiners will rise up against me too. They are an ornery group, those bootleggers

  8. Herbs! Basil or mint, for instance. Every time I try to do anything involving keeping a plant alive, it is a spectacular failure. I'll be trying again, but in the meantime, I stick to herbs. Boosts up my confidence.

    See, even if an herb plant dies, that's okay; you can still use the dried dead stuff to cook with. It's not a total loss.

    Ha ha. Me, giving plant advice. Ha ha ha ha ha...

  9. how about watermelon? :)

  10. We do herbs. For a plant killer like me, they work well. Parsley, cilantro, sage, summer savory, and lemon balm all work well. Lavender is really nice too. If you want to do mint or thyme, make sure to plant them in a pot because they're invasive. I'd also go straight with plants instead of from seeds because it's much easier. :)

    Oh, and peas or bush beans are nice too.

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