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More vacation pics will be coming, but first I wanted to mention something I'm really pumped about:

This is the new young adults group at our church... but it's more than a "young adult group". Our goal is to simply build relationships with other people in our community and provide people with outlets for helping others... sort of a ripple effect. Our aim is not to preach at people, but rather, to live alongside them and get to know them. Doug & I have been attending some meetings as part of the "brainstorming core" for the group. Along with our fellow brainstormers, we've been reading a really thought-provoking book called UnChristian. But this isn't a book report, so I'll let you click on the link & discover for yourself.

Our first project is working with a new development in Detroit called "Peaches & Greens". I've been looking for information online about this, but haven't really come across anything that I think is related. Basically, it's going to be a market for residents of Detroit to purchase fresh produce & healthy food at affordable prices. Our church has been taking volunteers to assist in the construction, and Imprint is going to tag-team those efforts.

Check out the website. Much of the fodder there was composed by yours truly.

Our first real meeting is this Friday. If you live in metro-Detroit and are reading this, stop by the website for directions & come for a good time!

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  1. Found your site from dooce's - just wanted to say hi!