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It's true - this is my 100th post in this particular blog. In honor of this momentous occasion, I've compiled a list of 100 random things about myself. What can I say? I'm as egocentric as they come. I actually didn't start this list with my 100th post in mind, but when I realized this post was approaching, I thought it only fitting to include said list. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit how long it took me to come up with all these (over 2 weeks). I can't believe I'm putting this information out there for the whole world/my mother to read.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you...

100 Random Facts/Braggings/Embarrassing Confessions About Me!
or, everything you wanted to know about yours truly... and then some.

1. I always use this interesting tidbit whenever I’m in a group of people and have to introduce myself with an interesting or embarrassing fact about myself: In 2nd grade I ate an Oreo off the cafeteria floor. It was not mine.
2. I have an irrational fear of sharks.
3. The Challenger space shuttle blew up on my 1st birthday.
4. My favorite flowers are Johnny Jump-Ups.
5. I do not particularly enjoy going to see movies in the theaters. I’d rather rent a movie (cheaper, more comfortable and cleaner!).
6. I have been to 6 other countries (and Puerto Rico) besides the United States, but I’ve driven through Canada so many times it doesn’t feel like another country.
7. No matter how many times I go to Niagara Falls, I never get sick of it/them.
8. My perfect vacation would be camping in the woods near a beach, with a small town full of boutiques within driving distance.
9. I want to co-own a boutique someday.
10. I’m a registered Republican.
11. I like chocolate chip cookie dough more than the actual cookies.
12. Growing up, I always wanted to marry a rancher in Montana. What I meant was a businessman in Detroit.
13. Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher, a writer and a figure skater.
14. My drink of choice is ice water, although I did get addicted to Mountain Dew my freshman year of college.
15. I have been playing piano since I was 6 years old, and I actually miss taking lessons.
16. I have not played my oboe (beyond checking Jayne’s reeds at home to make sure they work) since the end of my sophomore year of college. I haven’t decided if I miss it.
17. I love Amy Grant Christmas music, and I am not ashamed of this.
18. My first kiss was the summer before I started 8th grade, and it was a dare. Little sisters, in the words of Dooce - be ye not so stupid.
19. I think I want to write a book someday. Or co-author a collection of essays or something.
20. In high school, I kissed a boy while I was dating someone else.
21. I have difficulty refraining from constantly comparing myself to others.
22. I do not remember the first cd I bought with my own money.
23. I don’t like the word “niche.”
24. The best concert I have ever been to in my life was the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra with Doc Severinsen.
25. I love the sound of people typing on computer keyboards.
26. My favorite poets are Robert Frost and ee cummings.
27. I am obsessed with the way books smell, especially old books.
28. I cannot count on both hands how many pets I have had die since I was in kindergarten.
29. I have a bad habit of rubbing my lips when they’re chapped.
30. My favorite articles of clothing are jeans and shoes.
31. I hate malls, although I do like stores. I guess I more hate the mall “scene.”
32. Although I love being around people, I would consider myself an introvert.
33. I am a procrastinator.
34. I love taking pictures.
35. My first sentence as a child was, “I like coffee.”
36. I do not, in fact, like coffee, although I love flavored espresso drinks.
37. I pretend to have a Long Island accent with my mother. With the accompanying persona.
38. My favorite musicals are West Side Story and Oklahoma!
39. I know all the lyrics to every song in The Little Mermaid… and most Disney songs, for that matter.
40. I would rather have cds than an I-pod, even though we have an I-pod.
41. I know how to change my own oil.
42. I actually love doing laundry, but not as much right now because our washer broke, and we have to go to the Laundromat.
43. My least favorite household chore is dusting.
44. I think I like Taco Bell tacos more than homemade tacos.
45. The only bones I have ever broken are a toe and my ring finger.
46. I broke my toe doing a cartwheel in the kitchen.
47. Doug broke my ring finger while we were playing catch with a football when we first started dating. I like to say he was just staking his claim on that finger.
48. I adore kittens, but I do not like cats.
49. If I could go on shopping sprees at any four stores, they would be (without a second thought) Michael’s, J. Crew, The Haven and Barnes & Noble. I tried to narrow it down to three stores, but I couldn’t part with any of those.
50. I made a kid throw up in 3rd grade by punching him in the stomach. Come on, he put mayonnaise in my hair! Sorry, Steve.
51. I made the same kid throw up in 3rd grade a few weeks later by waving an egg-salad sandwich under his nose. I didn’t know he hated them that much! Sorry, Steve.
52. I’m pretty sure I have developed road rage. I am amazed at the amount of anger that boils up inside me when someone passes on the right at an intersection just to cut off everyone who stayed in the left lane. SO annoying! It’s astounding how normal people turn into complete jerks during rush hour traffic. News flash: we’re ALL trying to get somewhere on time.
53. I absolutely love thin-point Sharpie markers.
54. Whenever I send letters, I always put stickers on the envelope.
55. Up until I was about 16 years old, I didn’t know that Uncle Tuner’s real name was Robert. I thought it was Tunerville.
56. Sometimes I secretly hate technology, especially cell phones.
57. My first memory is Robert pulling my hair in what used to be the toy room. Isn’t that supposed to speak volumes about my personality?
58. I once choked on one of those round, swirly after-dinner peppermints and was being rushed to the hospital by my dad when I swallowed it. So we turned around and got ice cream instead.
59. I have never been able to decide on one favorite book. I used to just say “Catcher in the Rye,” but I there are books I like more.
60. When I first met Doug, I didn’t want to date him, but I wanted him to have a crush on me. So weird!
61. The first concert I ever went to was the Newsboys at Roberts Wesleyan (Mar & Mand – pretty sure you guys were there!). I went with my dad.
62. I hate reality TV, except the Amazing Race. And I’ve watched the odd episode of America’s Next Top Model, although I am infinitely terrified of Tyra Banks and her creepy eyes. Okay, and I enjoy the occasional episode of American Idol, but only when they’re still weeding out all the crazy singers.
63. I helped row a gondola in Venice.
64. I think I’ve been to NYC 5 times, and I still haven’t seen someone famous. I DID meet Steve Tasker at Roberts Wesleyan, though.
65. I have been on 4 roller coasters my whole life so far. Kind of pathetic, now that I think about it.
66. I loathe raw tomatoes. I love spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, salsa, and even tomato soup, but I cannot stand the suckers in their pure form. I even hate the smell of them, and how it clings to your hands no matter how hard you wash them. True story: my mother once sent me out to the garden to pick tomatoes, and, foreseeing a night of nausea whenever I smelled my hands, I donned her dish-washing gloves… and also tied a bandana around my nose before I was brave enough to go out.
67. My favorite food is ice cream. Then steak.
68. I used to love the name Aden. I thought I made it up, until I realized everyone and their mother was naming their son Aden.
69. I carried the xylophone in marching band, and I’m pretty sure my shoulders are screwed up as a result.
70. I think the sky is prettiest on summer afternoons when it is a murderous shade of gray, but the sun is still shining & illuminating the green leaves of trees against the darkness.
71. I do not think Brad Pitt is hot. Honest.
72. Things I think it’s awesome to be into, but feel people talk too much about: obscure music, politics, going green. Have I been guilty of this? Oh yes.
73. My favorite animals are horses.
74. I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE snakes.
75. I once memorized the Tigers lineup AND the Pistons starters to impress Doug.
76. I used to collect football cards. My prized possession was a Bruce Smith rookie card.
77. I won a spelling bee in 7th grade.
78. I was in a spelling bee in 5th grade and misspelled “raspberry.” Really, why is there even a ‘p’ in that word?!
79. I really, really want a puppy. But I’m holding off because I’m not ready to devote all that time to training it. And I think that’s kind of important when you have a dog. Also, the fact that our lease clearly states “No pets” may have something to do with it.
80. Top 5 places I want to travel (at least today): Costa Rica, Egypt, Spain, Australia & Zambia.
81. I have only been to 5 funerals my whole life. I am very, very blessed.
82. I bought a Gucci purse in Italy. For 10 euro. Obviously, it is not real.
83. I always made my dad cut my steak for me… even at my wedding. Now I make Doug do it.
84. I think corporal punishment in educational institutions should be legal. At the very least, smacking knuckles with rulers. As this is illegal, potential employers, please know that I have never engaged in any such activities. Except with younger siblings, in which case, they had it coming.
85. I love singing harmony.
86. I do not like running, but I ran cross-country my senior year of high school. Why?
87. My favorite sports are figure skating, soccer and baseball.
88. When I was little and played for the AYSO co-ed soccer teams, I seemed to always be on pretty good teams, so whenever I was in goal, I would get bored and subsequently get in trouble for doing cartwheels and just not paying attention in general.
89. One time I tore a ligament in my foot having a competition with Robert to see who could jump to the bottom of the stairs from a higher step. I won. Another time I strained that same ligament in my foot… getting off the bus.
90. I don’t really have a favorite singer or band. I love pretty much all music (including country & rap!), except for really heavy stuff.
91. I absolutely love living in a place where I get to experience all 4 seasons… I just wish winter didn’t last so long. Although, I’m pretty sure it makes me appreciate the warm months that much more.
92. I’m about 5’4”. I’ve always thought 5’7” would be the perfect height, but I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that, guess what? I’m done growing (vertically, that is).
93. Other foods I do not like: mushrooms, olives, liver… and thanks to the meal that Doug chose off the menu at a restaurant we visited recently, I now know that I do not particularly enjoy duckling.
94. The weirdest food I have ever eaten is probably cow tongue. Also, calamari looks really strange too, but man, that is some tasty stuff!
95. I always used to say that my favorite color was blue, until recently I decided that I absolutely love green.
96. The last time I threw up was after I had my wisdom teeth out (May 2007). Before that, I can’t even remember the last time I threw up. I’m pretty sure it was 8th grade.
97. Knock on wood – I have never had a cavity.
98. While we’re on the topic of teeth, I hate the dentist. I hate that stupid scrapey thing, I hate how violent they are with their dental floss (don’t act surprised that my gums are bleeding when you’re lacerating them!), I hate the gloves, I hate the cardboard they stuff in your mouth for x-rays, I hate the electric brush and the extra gritty toothpaste, and how they always ask you questions while their fingers are in your mouth.
99. My three greatest weaknesses are insecurity, worrying, and a lack of consistency with my devotions.
100. So much pressure – I feel like I should end with a really awesome one. Um, one time when Robert and I got in a fight, he tried to choke me and I pretended to die. I am a terrible sister. I have since apologized and promised to pay any psychological fees incurred as a result. I hope one day he will forgive me.


  1. What a GREAT idea and a wonderful list!

    ps-I carried the xylophone too in marching band for the first two years, then switched to snare drum... I do, in fact, have scoliosis, which I did not find out until late my senior year... but I made sure to let my band director know! those suckers are HEAVY though!

  2. I read it ALL!!! I love it! Especially the part in which we were separated at birth b/c I would have written almost the exact same things changing Doug to Ben and Robert to Adam. I even punched a kid in the stomach once...he didn't throw up. Love it.

  3. i feel the same way about tomatoes (i hate them, but love all of the products they make), ice cream, and steak. and i really like doing laundry,too.

    i love your list. very creative.

  4. your list is great. i really liked reading through it. definitely recognized some that were familiar from our recent e-mails. congrats on post #100.

  5. Rae! I LOVE your list! Your last one made me laugh so hard because one time I did the same thing to Craig - except that he threw me on the bed funny so I pretended to be paralyzed!!!

  6. ahh, the things we do for blogs. so many amazing things in this list, i don't even know what to comment on! amazing that you made the kid throw up TWICE! tunerville - ha! [i just asked mom last week what his real name is]. definitely was at the newsboys concert & loved every minute of it.