dreams and doors.

Dreams I've had recently:

-Jeanette & I go to visit the Dooce. She is much older in person than one would expect from her pictures. She thinks Jeanette & I are awesome (duh), and proceeds to invite us to coffee.

-I'm being chased by a child-abductor. I am trying to scream, but my throat is dry, and I can't. I eventually make some sort of noise, and wake up suddenly, and immediately seek the comfort of my husband. "Did I scream?" "No, you just sort of yelped."

-Doug & I take some of the freshman boys on a small group trip to Chicago. We're at a stop sign, when suddenly one of the boys jumps from the vehicle and starts running, and we have to chase him down in the car.

-Doug is gone and I've locked myself out of our apartment. No, wait, that really happened.

Okay, here is the long-awaited story:

As I've mentioned, Doug was living la vida sunshine in Florida last week. I was actually pretty excited about a night to myself - I had the whole night planned out. I was going to go grocery shopping, rent a movie, come home, make pancakes for dinner, and watch the movie while making ornaments. I set about to accomplish that mission - put on my jacket, grabbed my purse, locked the door, closed the door... and looked through the window to see my keys sitting on the counter. I managed to stay relatively calm and called our landlady, who conveniently didn't answer. I left a message, then called my beloved husband to inform him of what happens when he leaves me alone for too long (literally half a day at this point).

After I got off the phone with Doug, I called the landlady again and there was still no answer. I proceeded to call the landlady every 5 minutes from that point forward. In between my calls, I completed the following:
-I brought the garbage and recycling bins back up to the house.
-I got the mail, and sweet bliss - my Country Living magazine had come! I sat down in the enclosed entryway to our apartment, grabbed one of Doug's big coats and put it over my legs and flipped through Country Living.
-I went to Taco Bell and grabbed something to eat. I brought my food back to the entryway, because there's no way I was going to sit in a restaurant by myself to eat. My pride had not fallen that far yet.
-I called my friend Sara to see what she was up to. She didn't answer, so I left a message, just saying that I was wondering if she wanted to hang out - not telling her that I've locked myself out of my apartment, I'm freezing and can she please rescue me.

By this time, I've been locked out for 2 hours and none of my calls to the landlady have been returned. So, I called Doug and told him I was going to punch through the window and open the door. Doug, shockingly, did not like this idea and decided to call a local locksmith and have him open the door. All in all, I ended up paying to get into my own house. I am good for the locksmith business.The landlady called me the next day to apologize - she had left her cell phone in her car overnight. If only there was a way I could blame her for the whole incident, then I could justify being annoyed with her...


  1. well, at the least, you kept yourself reasonably occupied during the lock-out!

  2. punching through the window sounds perfectly logical to me, i don't know what's wrong with doug.