An Extensive Outline of Weekend Highlights

I. Mom’s 50th birthday. (Oops, am I allowed to say that on the Internet, Mom? By “50th” – I really mean “40th… again.”)
A. Family
the radiant birthday girl!

watching a movie

me & my bro

B. Dad’s Cake: Lemon cake with layers of lemon pudding and lemon truffle. My dad is superhuman with his baking.

C. Seeing the dining room and “toy room” in progress…

D. Finally giving Mom the gifts I finished for her in January!
a hand-painted framed cross-stitch

homemade apple coasters

homemade fabric & felt heart garland

II. Victoria & Jeremy’s!
A. Seeing the new house for the first time!

B. Game night
Jeremy explains a Taboo clue while Doug prays that they'll be able to win... ha!

C. Sewing, as usual.

TOMORROW – Doug leaves for Florida again.
Poll: How long after Doug’s departure will it be before
Rachel locks herself out of the apartment or car?
Vote, via your comment!

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