some april fools

Today, Grandma Bannister turns 90 years young. I don't usually approve of that phrase ("years young") - but in Gram's case, it's only fitting. She is probably one of the most spry 90-year-olds you'll ever meet.
How many other 90-year-old women do you know that still cook [personal] record-breaking amounts of the world's best applesauce?

Or weed their garden every day in the summer?

Or make large dinners when sons/daughters/grandkids come over?

Or go camping every summer?

Not many.

My Gram is one in a million.

This is a picture of her with her remaining siblings - Gram, Uncle Pete, Uncle Tuner, and Aunt Cile. Um, how much do I love this picture of Uncle Tuner, captured mid-laugh?!

And little Griffin turns 6 today:

Happy Birthday to my favorite April Fools!


  1. Happy April Fools Day! I like your posts.

  2. i think that you will make it this time without locking yourself out of anywhere!

  3. So sweet! What do you think is Gram's secret? I feel like I don't have that much energy right NOW!