he is risen indeed!

In the hubbub of creating a birthday blog and writing about our latest key incident, I realized that I haven't written about our Easter yet!

I love Easter - the focus of our pastor's Easter sermon was "Resurrection Wonder" - basically, reviving the lost wonder of our faith. I felt bad, because after church, I rushed Doug out the door before we really had a chance to chat with anyone so I could attend to preparing Easter dinner.

As nervous as I was about preparing my first holiday dinner all by myself - it was a success!

Doug pronounced it, "definitely the sweetest holiday meal I've ever had!" Welcome to the Bannister family, bud. We like it sweet.

-Ham (with orange glaze)
-Green bean casserole
-Sweet Potato Mounds
-3-layer Jello
-Sweet Rolls (sadly, not homemade... maybe next year!)

and dessert - Strawberry Vanilla Trifle. Yum.

table setting

Don't let the brief glimpse of domesticity fool you - notice I'm not posting pictures of what the apartment looked like after our guests left!


  1. sounds like a delicious dinner!

  2. although a true bannister meal would include at least 2 or 3 desserts... very impressive meal! picture of you in your apron = cute, cute, cute!

  3. psst... you've been tagged!


  4. HAHAHAH that's right... that was a great list too! That's allright, I just have a whole seven people on my reader list that I had to tag :D

  5. Hey, Rachel! Thanks for coming by! I read a lot of your blog (and Victoria's!) last night while I should have been folding laundry. :) Is V. your sister or friend? I couldn't figure it out. You're both gorgeous!

    I LOVE the photo of you in your apron. I truly thought it might be a magazine shot at first!

    Hope to get to know you better! :)