thoughts on a saturday afternoon

Signs that I am not truly an adult:
1. Yesterday morning I made Doug wake up early with me because I had a nightmare and didn't want to be awake in the dark by myself.
2. Our water fountain at work is currently broken and has a sign above it that reads "Temporarily Out of Order." This happens to be right between the two bathrooms, and everytime I walk by, I must use the utmost restraint to keep myself from putting the sign on the door of the men's bathroom. This, however, may also be considered a sign of maturity, as I haven't actually done it yet.

There's more where that came from.

At work I have to read documents about foster children and their families, and the information I read is sometimes pretty sad, sometimes quite depressing, but sometimes, downright weird. I'm probably not supposed to talk about the information to which I am privy, but in this case, I just can't resist. I was reading about a young boy who was exhibiting all types of negative behavior. It was documented that he had destroyed some of his toys, acted defiantly toward his foster parents, and "ate the blinds." What? Not he "was discovered chewing on the blinds," or he "was biting the blinds," but he "ATE the blinds." As in, masticated, swallowed and potentially digested? How is that even possible? I can't imagine that'd be good for one's dental records, digestive system... or home decor budget, for that matter.

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