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As promised, some pictures of the Ice Festival in downtown Plymouth. Doug & I went with our friend Tim late last night so we could avoid the crowd. I'd never seen the sculptures at night - they looked awesome!

When I saw this on Thursday afternoon, it was just a dragon head attached to several blocks of ice - now it is a whole dragon!

Stegosaurus! (Sidenote: Did anyone else learn that song in kindergarten: "I am a stegosaurus - I'm a funny looking dinosaur!"?)

Doug pretending to be surprised and confused that his wife is talking to an ice stegosaurus. I mean, he knows they're my favorite dinosaur!
Seriously, we LOVE dinosaurs. :)

Picture for Jayne - horse ice sculptures!

Another horse for Jayne. This time on a bridge, naturally.
It's really just awesome!!
Even the ashtrays are cool.

The boys (Doug, Tim & Kress) went to the Auto Show last night as well. Debbie and I opted out this year. Not that we didn't love it last year... just that... well, this was us last year:

SO we decided we'd let the boys enjoy themselves this year, instead of worrying about which car their wives were hiding behind. So Debbie and I had girl night (we really did get ice cream and sit on the couch chatting)
But here are some of the pics Doug took at the Auto Show:

This seriously looks like a magazine commercial. Camaro "Bumblebee!"

We actually own this car and loaned it to the Auto Show.
This is on our steering wheel. Of the Saab. That we obviously own.
We support the Michigan auto industry!!
Also, for those of you who have never experienced the International Auto Show, I should inform you that it attracts some classy characters...
Including this fulsome feline...
I was truly shocked by the absence of a tail, which I feel would have really pulled the whole ensemble together. This gives the "Detroit Tigers" a whole new meaning.

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  1. Oh goodness I WISH I was home this time of year! I looove going to downtown Plymouth... and that mixed with an icefest must be pure magic. I grew up around Flint... we always went to the Frankenmuth Winterfest, which I think is going on in a couple of weeks. That's a special place for Patrick and I. I would definitely suggest going up to it!