go shorty, it's my birthday.

Thanks to everyone for the warm birthday wishes.

It's basically been party, party, party all day! I started with an interview at a foster care agency, then had soup with my hubby, followed by a pre-employment physical, drug screening & TB test. What can I say? I know how to have a good time.
Tonight, Doug & I went out to dinner with his mom & Eric and the kids, and they came over afterwards to have ice cream cake from Coldstone (no peanut butter this time...).
me & my darling hubby

mmmmm, birthday cake from Coldstone!

LOVE this picture.

Griff & Les love their uncle...

crazy kids
I guess they don't mind their aunt either. :)
Goals to accomplish before I turn 24:
1. Get a job (hopefully before I'm 23 and a week).
2. Learn to quilt... at least a tiny bit.
3. Go to California?
Thanks again to everyone for making my birthday a happy one. :)

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