it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

So our tree is up and decorated!
I am going to make a few more "vintage ornaments" to add, which is why it may look a little empty to some.

Here we are, putting on our "First Christmas" ornament. Thanks to Grandma Jackie for this adorable ornament!

Yet another reason we love Doug's job & the people he works for...
Today, the CEO gave us tickets to go see the Nutcracker tomorrow at the Detroit Opera House. Awesome!
Tomorrow we are going on a field trip. Our whole school is going on a field trip... downtown to hear a speaker discuss "Bridging the Hip Hop Communication Gap." My thoughts?
Dear Lord,


  1. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! Have fun at the Nutcracker and I will pray for you on your field trip.
    I miss you!

  2. a lovely tree, indeed.
    yikes, a field trip!
    may the good Lord bless you.