Happy December!

What a delightful weekend! On Saturday morning, we went and got our very first Christmas tree!
Here we are, standing in front of our little tree.

It was much bigger when we got it in our living room! We had to rearrange everything, but we're very happy with the results! We are putting off decorating it for a few days longer, until we have hot chocolate and candy canes. Our very first Christmas tree decorating calls for a high degree of festivity!
Yesterday afternoon we went to a Christmas play at Kress & Debbie's church. Debbie was one of the singers, and she had a couple solos, so we went to show our support. She did a fantastic job, of course (& for those of you who don't remember, Debbie sang with Justin at our wedding). We spent the night at their house - such a fun time!! Watched some Ali G, played Battle of the Sexes, Kress made us homemade caramel macchiatos - yum! This morning we skipped church (oops!), had pancake breakfast (thinking of you, Steve & Heather!) and just relaxed.

The boys played Bond while Debbie helped me fill out my "Missing Assignments" sheets for my students. That takes a true friend.

We actually & finally finished reading A Raisin in the Sun on Thursday, so tomorrow we'll be starting the video. I'm a complete dork, and I bought a bunch of Raisinets for the kiddos to snack on while they watch the movie!

Time to enjoy the last few hours of the evening with my husband - popcorn & Sunday night football & crafting!

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Wow, for a "Last Chance" school it doesn't seem like the school has a foot-hold on the discipline issues. I heard that one of the instructors; Kirk, got beat up pretty bad there last year and there were two gun incidents. You'd "think" being a "last chance" school their policies would be much stricter; these kids really need discipline and compassion.

    I was at another similar school this year where the guidelines were set very strictly for the students. The parents were even called by the principal if their homework wasn’t done. I was shocked to see the student’s begging for mercy… a far cry from some of the issues you seem to be having in your classroom. These were also drop outs from 16 to 19 in the city of Detroit.

    Good luck to you and your endeavors.