peanut butter playground

WELL. Our plans to attend the Nutcracker Ballet were slightly interrupted...
On Thursday afternoon, our school went on the field trip, which was a disaster. However, it actually wasn't our fault this time - the place that invited us didn't have enough seats for us. The event was taking place on the floor of an open building, and they expected us to stand in a higher level and observe from a distance. Needless to say, the students were not thrilled. Additionally, they were hungry, and unfortunately, the platform was next to a campus Subway. So, we had students walking all over the place, begging to go to Subway, asking if we could leave... it was chaotic. Our school administrator was upset with the whole thing, so we ended up leaving 15 minutes early. We got back to the school and almost all the students decided to leave, since it was almost 3:00.
Right around 3:00, the school secretary brought me a tiny post-it note and said, "Your husband's work called. I don't think it's an emergency, but they want you to call them back." I figured, great, Doug probably had something with nuts and had to take medicine or something - probably just a routine procedure, they have to inform family members. So, I called the office and was told that they had gotten a cake for the CEO's birthday and apparently, it had peanut butter in it. Doug did not know this until after eating a piece, so he had to go to the emergency room. Now, this has happened before, so I didn't panic. His co-worker gave me the number to the ER, and I called them for more info. The doctor got on the phone and said, "Douglas came in, and he was doing very well, but then he got bad. Extremely bad, and he couldn't breathe, so he has been taken on the survival flight to U of M." WHAT?!
Long story short: we spent a long night at U of M. Doug had been intubated on the flight, and they didn't extubate him until the next morning. He was in really bad shape, but praise the Lord, he is fine now! As details unraveled, we found out that Doug's office had ordered a cake called "Midnight Delight," which was supposed to be chocolate & chocolate & chocolate cake - the CEO's favorite from a certain chain. Well, the store forgot about the order, and when Doug's office went to pick it up, they just gave them the pre-made cake they already had. As they were eating the cake, one of Doug's co-workers remarked, "This is great - you can really taste the peanut butter!" At which point, Doug replied, "... What? Are you sure it's not caramel?" After they realized Doug had a severe peanut allergy, they looked at the bottom of the container, only to discover that this cake was not "Midnight Delight," as expected, but instead, "PEANUT BUTTER PLAYGROUND." Awesome.

But he's all better now! Those of you who found out & have been praying - thank you SO much. We greatly appreciate your support & prayers!! Doug even got "his wings" - after being airlifted in the "Survival Flight," patients get a little pin with wings!
In other news: Mom & the girls came out this weekend & we've been having a wonderful time! Yesterday we all had pizza & played Rummikub & had hot chocolate. Today we had a blissful day of boutique browsing & afternoon tea... I am so glad they were able to come visit, especially after the exhausting experience at the hospital. It was nice to have Mom help us out!

We've had a lot of excitement over the past few days - hopefully tomorrow will truly be a day of rest!


  1. OH MY WORD!!! Rachel!!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I'm glad he's okay.

  2. I'm so glad Doug is better. I love you guys.

  3. Whew, that must have been a scary night! Nothing like a little Rummikub to lighten the spirits though...

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  5. yiiikes, so glad doug's okay.
    it is pretty amazing though that the name of the cake was pb playground!
    how fun to have the ladies of the family visit...i love jayne in the picture.

  6. aw, rae, how scary. glad doug is doing better. he better stay off the playground from now on.

    pic of you girls is so cute. moms & sisters are the best!