thoughts & tinkerings

Eyes of hatred -
Because I'm right?
Because I'm wrong?
Because I'm white?
Anger, distrust -
Because I care?
Because I teach?
Or because I'm there?


We had parent/teacher conferences today, which, thankfully, I only had to attend from 8:00 - 12:00. I met with a few parents/guardians. The first was the mother of one of my delinquent females, who was rather displeased when she discovered that her daughter has not been in attendance since Oct. 11. The second was the mother of one of my [very few] quiet, hardworking students. I was pleased to tell her that her son is doing wonderful work and always turns assignments in on time and to the best of his effort. She was very happy and proud of her son, who happens to work 40 hours a week, in addition to attending school regularly. The next conversation was with the aunt and uncle of another of my favorites. The last mother I talked to was introduced by our school director as "the mother of [student's name]." I looked at her blankly and replied, as professionally as possible, "I'm sorry, who?" The dilemma? This student has never been in my class. Apparently he had been going to the English class across the hallway. Better than nothing!


I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of shopping for craft materials, feeling very inspired by all the approaching holidays. This evening I made (well, painted) a delightful ornament for the bathroom door.

I guess you can't really tell from these pictures, but it's maroon with a yellow star. Hand-painted. Yes, I am really that awesome. And humble.

Now, to all, a good night!


  1. The ornament is adorable. I'm glad you made it through your conferences....which sound interesting.
    And in response to your last comment on my blog..."save the best for last" ;)

  2. As someone who just came from a situation where chaos reigned, and you feel under appreciated, i can relate to your struggles and know how it feels. so... words of encouragement. you cant work for thank you's or pats on the back, or even easily marked progress of a student, cause i know those things dont come often. but know that these people need you there cause you know God, and you have the ability to love them like God calls us to. and thats whats important. keep up the good work.

  3. Ah, finally... she opens the door to her soul so all may see the inner life begging to be free. A small opening. Pausing... waiting... waiting to see if it is safe to open the door even further.

    Thank you for the verse.

    The majority of eternal life involves risk. Hopefully there will be more.

    You are loved.