a day at a time.

Things are rough at school.
Two of the teachers with whom I was close left for other jobs, and the third is done after this week. The teacher who is leaving after this week will be greatly missed, as he often provided godly encouragement and prayers for me, giving me a little extra push for the week.
Yesterday our cell phone was stolen.
Thankfully the insurance on it covered a new one.
Today I had to sub for all the other English classes as well, meaning no lunch break.
I've also had to sub for a period of a Gov/Econ class two days in a row, which I am clearly not certified to do, as I've so lately discovered.
There are two students terrorizing the schools. However, one of them will more than likely be gone after Tuesday, as he is apparently going to be locked up for 10 years. I've overheard car robbery - he was bragging about it to his friends, but one of the teachers said he claimed to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Image is everything, and apparently it's relative.
Also, today we got a memo saying that we are to attend a Parent Orientation this Friday. From 8:30am to 6:30pm. We will be "compensated."


In other, happier news, we enjoyed a lovely weekend at home. The Cider n' Donut party was pretty fun, despite a severe shortage in ... well, cider and donuts.
The boys watch a Chelsea match, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Victoria & I working hard on our new fall/winter line of vintage ornaments.

Bannister Babes always.

Cute little cousins!

Being the father of a newborn and a Charlie is obviously hard work!

My little Licks

Now I'm just taking each day as it comes and praying for Friday to arrive speedily...


  1. oh my dear rachel, sounds like we need to open our shop sooner than later. you need a good day filled with snacks and sewing. i love you.

  2. Rachel, I'm sorry things are rough. You are definitely in my prayers. If it's any consolation, you are my hero...and the wind beneath my wings and any other sentimental Bette Midler song. :)

  3. ditto.
    not that i already have been...