i love it when they listen.

Every day when my students enter the room, they know that they are to begin working on the daily journal. This does not always happen immediately, as one might imagine. I am simultaneously trying to elevate my students' vocabularies, which is also not happening immediately. Today's journal question was, "What is your most indispensible possession and why?" They struggled with the term "indispensible" and had questions as to what I wanted them to write, so I very clearly explained, "Okay, in other words - what is something that you have that you couldn't do without? Don't say anything about a person, because I know that there are people in your life you would never want to be without."
Here is one response I received:
"I want to indispen my mama sometimes because the only thing she do most of the time is nag nag nag all day long about everything."

Clear as mud.

Tonight I decorate Halloween cookies!

Please be so kind as to click on the picture to enlarge & admire.


  1. mmm, i want some! martha would approve. and i am impressed and inspired. i kinda wish those would have made an appearance at the cider and donut...

  2. Those really are a work of beauty my Sweet Bo Peep.

    Bought another tractor today.