tricks, no treats.

First of all, I want to share with the world just how talented my dad is:

Carving & photo courtesy of ole Poppa bear.

Second, I am dismayed to report that last night we had ZERO trick-or-treaters! How disappointing! I did everything right - I left the lights on, I decorated our front stairway and left that light on, I put up a cute sign welcoming trickers & treaters... all to no avail. What is this world coming to!?

Third, this week of teaching was - I almost don't dare voice this miniscule glimmer of hope -almost encouraging. I'm nervous even writing that because it seems any time I admit to any optimism, we suffer an alarming regression. But it remains - the tiny seed of hope deep within my heart!

Some pet peeves:
1. When people neglect to use their turn signals, especially when merging during the morning rush hour.
2. When people leave my classroom and don't shut the door.
3. Smacking and slurping noises while people are eating.

That's all for now.


  1. Comment from old poppa bear....

    If that is the list of your pet peeves, as the old song from the 80's goes... "Life's been good to me so far..."

    Kisses for now

  2. I hate no turn signals too & slurpers...can you not hear yourself?! Stop slurping.
    I love encouraging days!

  3. i feel your disappointment of no trick-or-treaters...the first halloween justin and i were married, we met the very same fate. i was all excited - had my lovely fall decorations hung with care. i went to the store and bought good candy - chocolate. i put it in a nice bowl. we flipped on the light with anticipation...and waited...and waited...and waited. we had ONE trick-or-treater! they got A LOT of candy from us. [however we now hide out at mom and dads to avoid the mob of trick-or-treaters! te hee]

  4. i know i'm overextending my welcome - 2 comments on 1 post, but i just wanted to add... i'm slurping right now. on one of your dad's fabulous apples...they're so juicy and yummy i simply can't help it. and it's my last one from the bag he gave me [*tears].