a month!

Well, yesterday marked one month of marriage for us! In honor, I made a cake, which I proceeded to break as I was removing it from the pan. So instead, I made a [delicious!] trifle!

I had an interview for an administrative assistant position earlier today. Seemed to go pretty well; the woman said she would call me back for a follow up.

Maybe I should just be one of those people who blogs for a living. But that would mean I would need to be more interesting. And I am not always the most interesting. Plus, sometimes I start sentences with conjunctions.

Anyway, here are some photoshopped pictures in honor of one month of marriage.

In addition, the following pictures are for Victoria:

Just our pantry. But wait... look closely...

You'd better believe it. Doug came in and saw these precious creations and said, "I'm glad to see our apartment is being taken over by these little pigs." Buddy, just you wait.
(In case you can't get enough of the sweetness, you can click on the pictures to see them better.)
And finally, this little darling has found a loving home with the Partons, after being viciously spurned by his creator:

That's right! He now adorns our computer table. I bet you're beginning to miss him, aren't you?! Well, too bad. Ours. That's what you get.
Okay, time to tidy up a bit before Jeanette gets here! IKEA, here we come...

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  1. You're delightful!! I was laughing out loud at my desk with the pictures, especially the ones with the pigs and...alas...the stupid star...HA!! I LOVE the pigs, infact I even noticed them before the zoomed in picture. Also, I really like those funky photos. You should let Jer make you guys a cool window frame. I will update soon. Good luck with the job search. There's some positions open around here...um... ;)