Ah, Saturday cleaning day!

I felt very accomplished this morning. I slept in until 8:30, then got up and made Doug pancakes for breakfast in bed. Then my darling husband went & got some groceries while I did some work around the house: washed the toilet, sink & shower, dusted in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen & living room (my least favorite job ever!), washed the sheets & made the bed, organized a few random things around the house.

The sparkling kitchen:

Please notice the beautiful orchids that my loving husband brought home for me yesterday!

When Doug got back, he decided to put our new computer table together. Our office remains a consistent mess:

But now the computer table is put together & I am composing this post sitting at it!

We had to take the old desk (broken & caving in) down to the basement, and while we were down there, naturally we decided to switch the load of laundry. I grabbed the stuff in the dryer & took it upstairs to fold, while Doug would do the "switching." Well, our well-laid plans were not to be carried out. Upon opening the washer, Doug was greeted by our clothing floating in water that had not drained. Not good. He took the clothes out, one at a time, trying to wring them out to the best of his ability. However, they were still too heavy to put in the dryer all at once, so I had to hang them on the railings of our deck, as we don't have a clothesline. So Doug figured out the problem with the washer (something about the belt - I won't even pretend to understand this stuff), & we'll be able to get it replaced. Ah, the fun never ends!

Last night we had pizza & movie night, and we watched Freedom Writers - an excellent movie, based on a true story about a teacher in LA who motivates her inner city students... inspiring!

Now I'm going to talk Doug into using our walking to Coldstone to use our gift card. :)

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  1. You're apartment looks great. I had Coldstone last night...waffle cone with coffee ice cream and crunch bar pieces. What did you get? It was good, but no Lugia's. K, now come home and eat the real stuff with me.