gender game, round 2.

As with the last pregnancy, we are not going to find out the gender until baby makes his/her arrival!

Here are the stats of the old wives' tales this time around!

Baby's heartbeat: above or below 140?
12 weeks = 150
16 weeks = 150
20 weeks = 140

Mom's cravings: sweet or salty?

Morning sickness: yes or no?
Yes, from weeks 6-8.
No from that point forward!

Mom's skin: soft or dry?

Mom sleeps on: right or left side?
Back & forth & back & forth.

Chinese Calendar: 

Mom's emotions: moody or happy?
Eh... pretty moody.

Mom's headaches: more or less?

Girl tally: 4
Boy tally: 3

I think it's a boy.
Bo thinks it's a boy.
Doug thinks it's a girl.

What about you guys?? What do you think?


  1. Need to see you from the back. I feel like everyone I know who had boys looked like they were carrying basketballs sticking straight out and you couldn't tell they were pregnant from behind (myself included). Girls (I've been told) tend to be "wider." Who knows! I'm thinking boy from above pic...

  2. i guess boy based on heart rate. perhaps?

  3. Ou - I need to see you again before I make my guess, to try the little trick! ;) But your drastic difference in morning sickness between pregnancies has got me leaning a little bit more towards boy!

  4. I am agreeing with Manda based on the morning sickness! Also girl had less tallies with Willa, and boy has less now, so I think boy!