While doing some spring cleaning the other day, I stumbled across this poem I wrote for the ole dog.
And since she's never featured on the blog anymore, I figured, why not, for old times' sake?
And while I readily admit she drives me crazy & I often pretend to hate her more than I do...
we'll keep her.
(FOR NOW, if you're reading this, Zooey!)


"Man's best friend" - 
clearly they've never
smelled her rear end.
She's aptly named -
at times I tend
to think she's insane.
Obsessed with food -
if you've got it,
her eyes are glued.
Always eager to walk -
all the squirrels
and birds to stalk.
The leash she hates -
pulls at every step
dreading slow gait.
Hyper all the time -
but still... so cute.
Glad she's mine.

Spring 2010

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