if we had coffee

Once upon a time I did a post like this.
I had debated doing another "Recently I'm..." post,
but decided my thoughts were better suited to a chat over a warm drink.

SO. If we had coffee...
... I'd be drinking my new typical morning creation.
Salted caramel hot chocolate with a shot of instant espresso.

... I'd be wearing the basic, stereotypical mom uniform:
oversized shirt + yoga pants + sloppy ponytail.
Maybe some eyeliner and mascara, if I'm feeling super fancy.

... I'd start the conversation with some trivial tidbits.
Like, how I shouldn't be drinking this "mocha" because my baby weight is going nowhere fast.
Or how I'm excited because we are getting a piano!
And I'd probably ask your opinion about how to rearrange the family room.

... I'd probably have to interrupt our conversation to nurse Willa.
Which would inevitably lead to annoying mom stories about her.
Like how she's growing like a weed. And how she's rolling over.
And eating some solids. And did I mention how fast she's growing?
I might get teary at this point.

... And I'd tell more annoying mom stories about Bo.
About how proud I am of how well he's doing in preschool and how good it is for him.
And I'd go on and on about all the funny things he says.
Like, "Mommy, I will take you to Bisney World someday."
Or, "When Willa is bigger, I will teach her to go to the zoo."

... And I'd probably also share about how I struggle as a wife & mom.
And feel like most days I get it so wrong.
About how overwhelmed I've felt by my emotions the past few months.
How, when I'm nursing Willa, sometimes I'll cry for my son who never had that opportunity.
Or how, when I'm watching Bo play, I'll think about the hard conversations ahead of us.
How sometimes I feel panicky thinking about my children as teenagers.
Wanting to protect them and their precious hearts.
And I'd probably be teary at this point as well.
Because even with all my worries and struggles,
I am loving every moment of this life God has blessed me with.

... I'd go on to say how grateful I am for His grace.
And how I feel like He's led me so gently during this season.
And then I'd get teary again, wanting to extend that same patience to my family.
And I'd explain how thankful I am to have a Savior I can trust through everything.

... And of course, I'd still have to yell at my dog for barking.
Because she still barks at everything.
I'd probably pretend to hate her in front of you,
but when no one is watching, I slip her treats and pet her head and talk silly to her.

... I'd ask you questions about your life.
They'd probably be on the verge of too intrusive,
but I'd give you the option of just telling me to shut up and mind my own business.
You wouldn't, and you'd answer my nosy questions anyway.

... Then I'd realize it's almost time for me to go pick up Bo from school.
So we'd hug and say we need to do this more often,
even though we both know, like these blog posts, it will be awhile.
But it's okay, because this is the season of life we are in,
and we know that a lack of frequent, carefree coffee dates doesn't diminish our friendship,
but makes those times all the more cherished.

Til next time...


  1. Love you and that we got to have a pb&j date! Hopefully again soon, of course!

    1. I'll take a pb&j date over a coffee date most days! :) And looking forward to Shack dates this summer!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jenna! I sure miss your "conversations"!

  3. Lovely thoughts! You might love Lisa-Jo Baker's Suprised By Motherhood (and her blog). She voices so many of my fears and emotions, but always brings it back to God's sufficiency for it all. Hope you're well - your kiddos are beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Emily! I actually own that book. :) I also enjoyed Desperate, by Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson.

  4. Good bless you & your precious family Rachel.

  5. I so wish I could actually sit down and have coffee with you!

    1. I agree! Maybe when you come back from the Congo, you should find an internship in Rochester! :)

  6. So beautiful, Rachel! Thanks for posting thoughts that resonated with my heart. Cherish these moments and all the ones yet to come. They are the slender golden threads that weave the tapestry of a blessed and rich life.

    1. Thank you so much. Beautiful imagery. :)