remembrance leads us to worship

2 years ago today, we became a family of three.
Each year until Bo is 18, we have to send a post-placement report to our adoption agency.
It's an awesome opportunity to reflect on all that has happened the past year,
and all that has happened since we welcomed Bo into our family.
The ways we've grown.
The ways he has shaped us.
The lessons we've learned.
The memories we've made.
The other day, I was listening to a Spotify playlist, and Matt Redmond's song "Remembrance" came on.
The lyrics are really beautiful, and there's one line that says:
"Lord, we remember You, and remembrance leads us to worship."
And that's how I feel every time I reflect on our adoption process and Bo's life.
When I think about how God led us to Bo and made him a part of US...
I'm overwhelmed by His faithfulness and goodness.
Happy 2-year Family Day, Bo.
We love you so much.


  1. Two years already? It seems like yesterday (at least from where I'm sitting. :))

  2. Amazing little family you have there. God is so good to us :) Hope you have fun celebrating with cupcakes!

  3. God is so very good to us ... it just seams like yesterday that we were talking with you and Doug about the adoption process. Amazing to think that he placed Bo on this earth ... just for you. Have a great day rejoicing with ... well everyone.