Our first flight, from Addis to Amsterdam, was smooth sailing.
It was Bo's bedtime, and we had a bulkhead seat in economy comfort - with a bassinet!
Doug & I were able to get quite a bit of sleep on that flight!
We love flying KLM. The flight attendants were amazing.
One in particular was obsessed with Bonsa - she gave us a little bag of goodies 
on which she had written, "God bless your new family!"
Then, there was the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.
We were on a Delta plane - not as nice as KLM. 
The flight attendants were... less than helpful.
We were still seated in economy comfort, but we were in the middle row in between 2 other people.
Thankfully, those people were more than understanding and helpful with our fussy little guy.
Bo took a couple short naps, and one 2-hour nap. He slept like this:
I made several quick dashes with Bo to the bathroom, which PRAISE THE LORD,
was very close and always unoccupied when I needed it. 
Bo went through three outfits.
We ended up carrying him off the plane in a white onesie, wrapped in a blanket.
We stopped before immigration to change him into his last clean outfit, 
in hopes that it looked like we had it together.
I am just so thankful that he didn't have any major screaming fits...

After getting through immigration, we walked out the door and were greeted by sweet friends & fam.
A huge thank you to Kennerly for capturing this special moment!!
Thanks to Ellie & Janni for driving us home and taking our family of three picture at home:
We were so excited to see that our sweet neighbors had decorated our porch!
Thanks for heading that up, Lindsay & Maria!!

It's been pretty difficult for me being away from my family, so I am incredibly thankful for friends who have helped with our transition. A huge thank you to people who have provided meals for us: Katy, Kennerly, the Finks, the Colemans and the Townleys! We are so blessed by our loved ones.


  1. It looks like it was a great celebration of Bo finally coming home. You have no idea how badly I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you guys for those few short moments. Love you and miss you tons.

  2. Rachel, your blog made me laugh! John Dema went through three outfits from Addis to DC and at the end of the flight, we had him in a Tshirt and diaper (wrapped in a blanket) so we could save his last nice outfit for US immigration! Haha!

    So glad you have Bo home and we are praying for a smooth transition now that you're home!!

    ~ Liz

  3. I can attest to the joy your family is experiencing from miles away. They miss you, too!

    Thankful for the generally peaceful journey.

    ps - I love your blog header!!

  4. you will never forget walking thru those doors at detroit metro. so very happy for you guys! and especially happy for your boy!!

  5. so happy! love these pics captured at the airport!

  6. That is too funny about Bo's outfits! Between leaking diapers and spitting up Daisy was only in a diaper while we walked through DTW. I had ONE clean outfit left as well for her homecoming pictures. Before I could get to a bathroom to dress her a Chinese woman stopped me and "recommended" I clothe my child... Love unsolicited advice from strangers!