the gender game

We are not finding out the baby's gender until he/she makes his/her arrival in October.
However, I love guessing & all the old wives' tales about gender!

Baby's heartbeat: above or below 140?
10 weeks = 168
14 weeks = 170
19 weeks = 144

Mom's cravings: sweet or salty?
I can't get enough fresh fruit (especially nectarines).
However, in my first trimester, I was pretty averse to sugary things,
most notably, mini Cadbury eggs, as I've written before and still bemoan.

Morning sickness: yes or no?
Up until about week 16, I was throwing up probably 4-5 days a week.
Then I stopped for a good 2 weeks, and the last time I threw up was at 18 weeks.

Mom's skin: soft or dry?

Mom sleeps on: right or left side?
Oh man. I really toss and turn.
I don't know how I'm going to sleep once I get really large.

Chinese Calendar: 1 girl, 2 boy
This one says girl, this & this say boy...

Mom's emotions: moody or happy?
Pretty happy!

Mom's headaches: more or less?
Less now.
More at first - probably from cutting down caffeine!

The trick used by the lady from Manda & Marla's church: boy

Girl tally: 3
Boy tally: 5

I think it's a boy.
Bo thinks it's a boy.
Though a few weeks ago, he kept saying it was a girl.
I think he chooses whichever gender is the last one mentioned.
Doug refuses to comment either way, stinker!

What about you guys?? What do you think?


  1. I would like a side profile pick in a tight shirt. I have pretty amazing accuracy.

  2. Ahh - I feel like I'd be a traitor to the lady in my church if I didn't pick boy. But with so many boys in the clan already, I'm kind of hoping for a girl! :) And every time I picture you with your baby, it's a girl! But maybe that's just hopeful thinking?! So I guess I'm going with girl. At least for today... ;)