family camping: letchworth

This past weekend, we took a quick trip to Letchworth State Park.
It's only an hour from us - I don't know why it's taken us so long to get there!
We've been wanting to take Bo tent-camping for awhile,
and I especially wanted to get a trip in before I become massive.
So last weekend, I checked the 10-day forecast and suggested,
"Let's go to Letchworth next weekend!"

Arriving at our campsite:
 Taking it easy while Daddy sets up the tent:
 Once camp is all set up, we're ready for adventure!
Doug's pack had a long strap, so Bo held onto what he called "my tail" the whole time:
 Upper falls:
 Sweet boys:
 Little pep talk before our hike:
Top view of the Middle Falls:
 Beautiful rainbow! Feels like a different country.
 Middle falls:
 Family shot, thanks to a random passer-by.
 Middle Falls:
My attempt at being artsy-fartsy: 
 I'm not nervous at all when Doug props Bo up on the rock wall... (lies, all lies):
 I couldn't get enough of Bo holding "my tail".
Every once in awhile, Doug would go too fast and Bo would lose his grip and exclaim:
"Daddy, I lost my tail!"
 Taking in the view:
Oops, caught me with the camera:
 I had to document the sweat. 
This is why we cut Bo's hair so short in summer, much to everyone's chagrin:
 At some point, a hiking stick was acquired:
 Hiking sticks are maybe a little dangerous for young boys. 
But so, so awesome:

 Stopped swinging the stick long enough to get a shot with Mommy:
 Last view of the gorge-ous scenery before we headed back to camp.
 Bo relaxing while Doug gets our fire going:
 Hobo dinners, my favorite camping meal:
 Set up the self-timer on top of the cooler in an attempt to capture 
what we look like watching the fire & cooking dinner:
After dinner, we headed over to a little playground near all the sites
and let Bo get out even more energy before turning in for the night.
Once we got in the tent, however, Bo had a burst of energy - 
apparently he was just super excited about all of us being in the tent together.
It took him about an hour and a half to finally fall asleep, 
but other than that, our first family tent experience was awesome!

The next morning, we broke down camp and headed back out to check out the Lower Falls.
 Absolutely perfect weather & such beautiful scenery!
 Daddy's boy.
 Descent to the Lower Falls:
We stopped along the way for a quick photo shoot,
and I snapped this little heart-melter:
 But in all reality, this is how most of our pictures usually turn out:
 So pretty:
 This is how "hiking" occurred Sunday morning:
 Makes you feel tiny:
 Boys on the footbridge:
View from the footbridge, looking toward the Lower Falls:
 Set up my timer and sprinted over to get another family shot...
Bo is cracking up and reaching for my headband.

A quick trip, but so much fun! Looking forward to future adventures at Letchworth.


  1. Is that a Bell's Oberon I spy in the camping chair cup holder?! We are drinking Oberon a lot lately, so I recognize the bottle. Charlotte is mesmerized by the orange on the label :)

    1. But of course! Hands down Doug's favorite. :)