recently i'm... [33]

Excited About:
Robert & Bailey moving to NY!
Although, I also know that it will be hard for them to leave their beloved West,
selfishly, I'm so excited to have them close & for Bo to have his future cousin close!

Anxious For:
Spring. Spring? Will it ever arrive?
We had a wonderful taste of it today - 52 degrees calls for an impromptu picnic!

Bo's "big boy room"...
We took the side off his crib after he climbed out a few times!
Didn't want any midnight excursions resulting in a trip to the ER...
So, now I'm in the process of brainstorming his room, rather than his nursery.
Mixed-emotion sigh.

Um, ashamedly not much these days. 
Re-reading The Meaning of Marriage by Keller for a girls' group...
I still haven't gotten a library card... because I still haven't gotten a NYS license... oops.

Listening to:
All Sons & Daughters, on repeat. Especially Oh How I Need You.

More Pinterest successes!

Um. This is another shameful area of my life recently. 
I haven't been doing much baking! I want to make Manda's amazing PB cup cookies...
I need Doug to take another Man-Trip to the Adirondacks so I can make them.

Almost the end of our busy season at work - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Excited to find out how much Katy & I saved our clients again this year!

Well, I randomly decided to try painting.
The results are very juvenile, but I think they're cheery & fun.

Okay, the end for now. 
Trying to get back into the blogging routine, but I'm not making any real promises!


  1. Wahoo to Robert & Bailey moving home!! I too have those cookies on my to-make list (I need to mail some to Lynz for her birthday...eeps, so late!). Sorry you have to wait for an out of town trip. :( And I am loving your little paintings!! They remind me of the illustrations that Rifle Paper Co does! Start selling 'em! :)

    1. I mean, I could probably make them at someone else's house. ;)
      Yes - RPC was my inspiration! I love her stuff!