Yep, totally mommy blog material here. 
These are just some snapshots of Bo these days for my own recollection.

During a moment of exasperation, I told Bo he was driving me nuts. 
He misheard me, and the next day we made the healthy choice of McDonalds for lunch.
As I offered him a chicken nugget, he exclaimed, "Driving me nuggets!"

We just visited Zach and Michele in NJ to see their new baby, Riley. 
We stayed in a hotel room and Bo got a queen bed all to himself.
We arrived pretty late Friday night, so he was out of it when we laid him down.
When he woke up the next morning, he sat up in bed and asked, "Whose big house is this?"

Bo is learning to assert his opinions... which basically means he's telling us "no" a lot,
or telling us when he does and does not want to do things.
For example, if I ask him to say his full name, he now says,
"Don't want to say Bonsa Douglas Parton."
Or I'll ask, "How old are you?" and he responds, "Don't want to say two."
The other day I said, "I love you, Bo!" and he sweetly replied,
"Stop saying that, Mommy!"
Oh, okay.

However, when we make a suggestion that is pleasing to Bo,
he will exclaim, "Sounds a good idea, Mommy!"

We haven't been able to pinpoint the exact cause of this particular exclamation,
but I think it happens when we're busy with something else and Bo wants our full attention.
Regardless, the most recent occurrence was when I was doing dishes and Bo told me,
"Mommy, wake up!"

Bo loves the animated Disney movies Aristocats and Robin Hood.
He also loves watching Curious George.
Often, when we're in the car, he'll pipe up a memory of one of those 3 shows
and laugh, "That part is so funny!"

Ah, the fun and frustration of a 2-and-a-half-year old!


  1. Oh, Bo! That age is, um… adventurous? ;) #1 has me cracking up!! Out of all the ages of kids I used to babysit, this age was always the most challenging and also the funniest. The things that come out of their mouths… there were so many days when I had to run out of the room before I burst out laughing when I should be disciplining...

  2. Love his expression in the last pic! :)

  3. "Don't want to say Bonsa Douglas Parton". MELT. I love him so! Maybe he and Piper can get married one day. ;)