recently i'm... [27]

(amused by the title, because incidentally I AM 27)

Excited About: Well, you know. Getting Bo home.

Babysitting: In addition to my strenuous job as "website administrator" for my school, I've started babysitting an 8-month old girl once a week. She is the sweetest little thing!

Reading: Picked up 4 random books at the library a couple weeks ago. Under the Lemon Trees, by Bhira Backhaus (3/5 stars); Dedication, by Emma McLaughlin (2/5 stars); Song of the Cuckoo Bird, by Amulya Malladi (3/5 stars); and Brown Glass Windows, by devorah major (4/5 stars).

Watching: Saw my 2nd movie of the year in the theater a couple weeks ago - Dark Knight Rises. **Spoiler alert... Didn't love the movie, but I DO LOVE Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and I am SO pumped that he's Robin! Other than that - OLYMPICS! Who doesn't love the Olympics?! Gabby Douglas is so cute and those legs! Geez.

Cooking: Ah, I've begun cooking more! It's been delightful. Most recently, I decided to tackle black bean burgers. I had one about a month ago when I went out to lunch with a friend. I have no idea what inspired me to order one, but it was AWESOME. So I googled a recipe and came across Skinnytaste, which has a lot of amazing looking recipes. Here's her recipe for Spicy Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayonnaise. YUM. We tried grilling the burgers on tin foil, but ended up putting them in the oven. They look seriously nasty before cooking, but they tasted so, so good.
I also made Skinnytaste's Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Breast. Really delicious. Will definitely be making these bad boys again. Can't wait to try more of her recipes! 
Oh, and then I also made THIS.
Uh, yeah. YEAH. That would be the Double Cookies & Cream Kiss Cookie Bars, ala Picky Palate. I just... I have a love/hate relationship with Picky Palate... as in, I hate that I love it SO MUCH. Merciful heavens, the concoctions that woman comes up with.

Listening to: Over You, by Miranda Lambert. Jayne sang this at the school talent show, which I wasn't able to see... I'll be making give me a special performance next time I'm home! I've also been playing a lot of Bon Iver recently.

Proud of: My little sisters were Grand Master & Reserve Grand Master showmen at the Orleans County Fair! Way to represent, Bannister Babes! Check out the article here!

Enjoying: Less humidity this week. Creating a nursery. Daydreaming about having Bonsa home.


  1. I'm disappointed with the black bean burger, "where's the beef?!"....I think your bro would agree :)

    1. wah.
      we eat enough beef - i can mix it up once in awhile. :)

  2. by the way, you have a grammatical error (don't judge my errors though) in the "Listening to": section

  3. so much good food in this post! can't wait to try those black bean burgers...sorry aunt christine! {it is your mom that's anon, right?}
    i made those cookies & cream bars for our girls trip...so good. i too just love, love that blog.