ten on ten : july 2012

8am: breakfast = toast with fresh homemade raspberry jam! 
9am: running errands with Dad - we decided to surprise Ethan & Emily with frappes
10am: walk down to our campsite for the past few days
12pm: a very healthy lunch - Mom's Very Berry Pie!
1pm: enjoying the beautiful afternoon!
2pm: steer tied up, waiting for Em to clip him & get him ready for a show! 
3pm: eating cherries while my psychopath pup begs...

Updating throughout the day!

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  1. That pie looks delicious! I call it a healthier lunch than mine! Looks like you're having a fun day so far! Popping by from the 10 on 10!

  2. Dropping in from 10 on 10! I just couldn't help myself and had a little looksy around your blog...congrats on passing your court day in ET! I'm am adoptive mama in the waiting and also work for an adoption agency. Nothing makes my heart smile more than seeing forever families! Praying for you on this journey and God bless!

    1. Hi Mattie! Thanks so much! Hope that things speed along with your adoption! Such an incredible journey. :)

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