recently i'm... [26]

Excited about: B!! We first looked into this little guy's eyes on April 16th, and my world has been flipped upside down since then. We'll share more of his story once we pass court, but oh my goodness... God's hand is evident everywhere. I am so excited to be a mama, and to snuggle this Little Bean...

Embarrassed about: ... the fact that I drove to Lansing today (hour and a half away) to get some paperwork done... and... I had brought everything except the two documents I needed signed. Awesome. So, I'll be doing another road trip tomorrow.
Shocked by: the fact that the school year is done in 2 days. My career as a teacher is over in two days. That is blowing my mind.

Working on: transitioning our guest room into a nursery! Eek!!!
Reading: Three Cups of Tea for our book club. I read it about 5 years ago and enjoyed it, but after reading up on the controversy surrounding Greg Mortenson, I'm eager to re-read more critically. 

Listening to: I'm most recently obsessed with the song "Thin Air" by Aqualung.
Watching: Okay, I saw the trailer for The Great Gatsby, and you guys. I am PUMPED. I love that novel. I love Baz Luhrmann. It's gonna be sweet. I'm a nerd.

Overwhelmed by: my [former] seniors. They are all graduated now, and they bought gift cards for me and Marisa as a thank-you for the past four years. They got me a far too generous gift card to IKEA, because "We thought it would help with your nursery."
Loving: All this sunshine and warm weather!!

Laughing at: baby shoes! Aren't they just the cutest & most ridiculous things you've ever seen?!


  1. looooove those shoes. can't handle the itty bitty toms. like, seriously.

  2. the toms are my fav. i even pinned a pair recently and think they're the most hilarious/awesome/heart-breakingly darling/silly/perfect thing ever! sooooooooo excited for you guys and your little one!

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