date night.

We enjoyed time spent with Doug's dad this past week (he was up for Easter).
Friday night, Doug's dad went out to dinner with Nic, SO 
Doug & I went on a date!
Tomo sushi in Plymouth/Northville (never sure where the boundaries are around 5-mile).
Maggie Moo's for a Better Batter Milkshake after.
Rented The Help. Which we watched with Doug's dad. :)
shirt: thrifted
jacket: gap. shirt: old navy. jeans: target. necklaces: AE & gift.
his shoes: sanuks (gifted from a youth group student!) her shoes: target.


  1. so cute! i love the shoe shot! and hooray for sushi on friday night. :)

    1. thanks! :) sometime we'll have to double date & get sushi. :)

  2. way to rock the blazer!
    jealous of those jeans.
    i rarely wear jeans but when i do i pretty much only wear one pair.
    and they have mysteriously gone missing for a few months.
    i might have to give in and go jean shopping at target.

    1. haha, thanks! i'm loving target's jeans right now! i like their new fitting guide.