3 awesome things

1. Passed a first-grade class in the hallway this morning, and little boy looked up at me and said, "Hi, pretty lady!" What up, playa?

2. Yesterday were the lip syncs for our spirit week, and my seniors came in 3rd place. We were all really disappointed, but the kids managed to maintain decent attitudes... and then last night, while we were eating dinner with our friends Patrick & Kennerly, the doorbell rang. Doug went to answer it, and all that was at the door was this:
 I seriously love my kids.

3. Birthday gift from my friend & fellow English teacher, Patti. We've been drooling over this copy of TKAM at Barnes & Noble for a couple years now...

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. #1 Kinda reminds me of your brother.." I'm going to marry all those beautiful girls..."