weekly wishes

Props again to Maria for this idea. I'm doing this because the end of the semester is almost here, and I really need some accountability.

This week I wish to...

... finish grading all the college portfolios. 
This sounds like a massive undertaking in my mind, because I'm picturing the huge stack of binders behind my desk that is inhibiting my rolly-chair movement... but I know I can do it.

... finish grading the juniors' in-class essays.
This should have been done last week. Or the week before. Oops.

... get the rest of Doug's birthday gift. 
Pretty much have to, since his birthday is on Sunday. If you weren't listening the first time, Doug's birthday is on Sunday! And he's turning 29.

... finish making one Christmas gift.
Ooh, cryptic.

... not develop a stress-induced tic.
It's the little things that count.

... drop off home study forms at my doctor's office.
This should have been done last week.

... select the pieces for the auditions for our school musical.
Yes, people. You read that correctly. I am once again helping with the high school drama production. This year it is a musical, AND - you are looking at reading the blog of the musical director for... I can't say yet! But soon & very soon. I am beyond pumped.

I have to stop there. Because I want to keep this realistic.

Here are 2 more pictures from our walk on Saturday morning. I suppose I could have added these to my ten-on-ten... oh well.


  1. Wow! Those pics of the ice crystals are awesome!

    And, no, you can't say yet what the musical is but SOON. :)

    -The Director :)

  2. What is the musical?! The suspense is killing me! Will you tell me on Friday?!? Aghhh!!

  3. Maria - the students should know by Friday, so I can probably tell you. ;)

  4. nice pix... bobby flay needs his bill... so does Dana... but send Dana's bill to me