ten on ten :: dec.


[1] traces of jack frost on our morning walk
[2] sprig from our concolor adorning the table
[3] boo-yah. lunch at t-bell.
[4] public display of affection.
[5] while shopping at target for our niece & nephew, we encountered this ludicrous and disturbing "game". i don't know if you can click on the pictures to enlarge, but it reads "feed and walk your little pup. when he makes a mess, you clean it up!" AMERICA. STOP IT.
[6] random intersection shot. the moon was so bright!
[7] at the rusty bucket with patti & zac - sharing fried pickles!!
[8] cheating picture! this picture was taken on doug's phone. 

and um... no more to come. oops!
8-on-10 brought to you by a busy saturday!

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  1. Great pictures
    Can't believe that is a real game, so horrible!

  2. Public display? Looks like you were in your car.

  3. Dad - yeah, but then I put it on the internet. ;)

  4. ..love that frost pic
    ..you officially just gave me a fried pickle craving. thanks for that.

  5. ouu...i love fried pickles!! and guess what - totally forgot about 10 on 10 this month!

    um, that game...what?! so disgusting.