o friday night


[1] Don't love getting Christmas trees in the dark, but we didn't want to wait any longer!
[2] Doug & I with our concolor. Um, it took us approximately 5 minutes to find this tree. I'm usually pretty picky and want to look at every single tree, but I loved this one as soon as I saw it!
[3] "JT" telling Doug about the time one of his employees accidentally tied a tree on a car in such a way that he tied the family inside the car... oh, JT. He loved helping us...
[4] Love this little place - Mary's Farm Market. Plymouth/Canton residents - get your tree here!
[5] Tree topper! It's become our tradition for me to put the star at the top.
[6] "Look at me!"  
[7] Zooey, basking in the glow of Christmas...


  1. Looks cute! I wish we could have gone to get trees together like we used to :( miss you!

  2. pretty tree! like to pic of you sitting on top of the ladder. it totally reminding me of something i would be doing :o) see you at christmas time!!

  3. concolors are my favorite! yummy citrus smell!!

  4. ^ from katie!

  5. Is that the place at the corner of Ford and Beck?

  6. Troy - yeah! You guys should get yours there!

  7. Sara - I know, it isn't the same without you guys. Doug doesn't jump around as much with me as you would. :)

    V - Can't wait to see your tree & Christmas decor!

    Katie - I love them too! The smell is great. (But blue spruce are my favorite!)