2011 mastheads

January 2011: 
um, this one is missing in action. Oops.

February 2011: I got that boom boom pow
From "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas

March 2011: intellectually credible and existentially satisfying
I almost didn't use this, because it was a David Platt line talking about Christianity... it seemed a little self-absorbed to use as the tagline for my blog, but I couldn't stop giggling about it...

April 2011: no fiddle-diddling
From our class trip to D.C. - our tour guide kept saying this when she wanted us to hurry.

May 2011: less than ordinary
From "Story of Love" by Mandi Mapes. "Just like the sun lights up the moon, this love is a reflection of more than just me and you. Our lives were less than ordinary and while I couldn't see past tomorrow, God was making history. What a beautiful story of love."

June 2011: peanuts to an elephant
Whoops! That's from a Li'l Wayne song. How did that get on here?

July 2011: this grace that i've received, i want to show you
From Mandi Mapes's song "This Love". Doug & I did our pre-screening for adoption in July, and this song is about adoption.

August 2011: rockin' the suburbs
From the Ben Folds song/album. Celebrating one year in our first house.

Sept. 2011: sharing rainbows of happiness
The best fortune cookie I have ever gotten: "Loving is sharing rainbows of happiness." I still don't even know what that means.

Oct. 2011: a giddy thing
From a Mumford & Sons song - "Sigh No More"

Nov. 2011: i guess i have got my swagger back.
Image stolen from the Internet - cover of Jay-z & Kanye album Watch the Throne. Line is sort of from their song "Otis".

Nov. 2011 - 2: every day, a day closer
The last one just seemed too cocky. And too gold.

Dec. 2011: peace on earth, good will to men


  1. hmmmm... how come I never see anything from that most quotable source? that's right, me.

  2. I love the "year in review" in any form.... thanks! : )