seeing God

During times of trial and pain, people often wonder where God is. Now, I'm no theologian, and my faith certainly waivers because of my fickle heart, but I just wanted to share a few places that I've seen God so far during the past week.

- God is in Grandma's lack of injuries.
- God is in the fact that Grandpa was not killed immediately.
- God is in my family not being injured while getting Gram & Gramps out of the house.
- God is in my family living next door.
- God is in how fast Gramps was taken care of - how quickly ambulances & helicopters responded.
- God is in the love that the Bannister family has surrounded one another with - buying clothes for Gram, bringing food to the hospital, hosting meals for those visiting the hospital, phone calls, emails, hugs, tears, love from far away...
- God is in the love that has been showered upon the Bannister family.
- God is in the masses of prayers that are going up from people who don't even know Grandpa.
- God is in random messages from people I haven't talked to in years, telling me they're praying and thinking of my family.
- God is in Aunt Lynnie's discovery of something important we thought had been lost among the rubble.
- God is in Gram memorizing Psalm 121 and encouraging her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren throughout everything.
- God is in little smiles that Grandpa has given visitors.
- God is in a good night's rest.

God is sustaining. In the good and the bad, he is sovereign. This list is only a glimpse of the ways God has shown himself to me this week.

My sweet family members -
what evidences of God's grace have you seen?

Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart.
The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.
-Job 1:21


  1. my co-workers.
    my friends.
    my inlaws.

  2. -getting a kiss from grampa from his hospital bed
    -my nieces coming over to watch the boys so we could make trips to the hospital
    -the support messages on FB
    -the blessing of seeing family we don't get to see a lot

    love, love this post. so great to read the good coming from this hard situation.