a love poem

I am a poetry-writing fiend these days!

My freshmen are reading Romeo & Juliet, so I naturally gave them the assignment of writing a love poem. I, in return, composed the following poem during a few spare minutes of my fifth hour class.

Love Poem to My Classes

Energetic, lively and full of fun -
It seems as though the year has just begun.
However, our time is rapidly drawing to a close,
And my feelings are too genuine to write in prose.
So class, I've written a little poem for you
(Even though at times I feel like I'm in a zoo).
You make me laugh, chuckle and grin.
You make me cry, my patience worn thin.
But the bottom line that I'm trying to express -
I love you and all your craziness.

rcp 5.3.11

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  1. I love the new blog colors! Sorry, I haven't checked in a few days if this comment is a bit late :)