be careful what you ask for

In preparation for our sub-wide garage sale, I've been going through some boxes in the basement (how did some of this stuff make it through 4 different moves?!), and unearthing a vast array of relics. I recently found some 3x5 cards from my time as a counselor at Camp Pinnacle. I believe these were from a group of 6th grade girls that I was responsible for. After a "small group" session, my co-counselor and I told the girls that if they had "any questions" they could write them down and we'd try to answer them...

So, the young, inquiring minds wanted to know:

Some people at school say that boys don't give cooties when they touch you but they give you grems, is this true.

If we want to be more like God does that mean we have to be Jews. Jesus was a Jew.

I don't like scary movies! All my friends love them and always talk about them. Should I watch the movies and talk about them with my friends?

What shud I do when sum one is being mene to me or my friends

My mom told me that if I need anything I can go to [name] the nurse. I think what she means is that if I have my period I could go to her. There are a lot of things about "the period" I don't understand. Can you please explain it to me?

I don't understand (know) how a baby is made. Does God make them when two people are married or what?

Yikes. I wonder how 19-year old Rachel responded to them, because 26-year old Rachel has apparently blocked the rest of that discussion from memory...